It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here and I am thrilled to be your guide throughout this beautiful ‘Tis the Season Block of the Month program. Come join me on a journey to make this gorgeous Christmas tree quilt. I handpicked each pattern to create this unique project made of a variety of pretty quilt blocks. I hope you love it as much as I do!

During this Block of the Month program, you’ll build a gorgeous quilt, one block at a time. When you’re through, you won’t believe your eyes and you’ll be ready when Santa arrives. I know you can do it! Follow along with me and I’ll help you through the whole process, from start to finish. I have a feeling you’ll be amazed at what you can create!

Love, Jenny

Tis the Season TRADITIONAL:

Come join us on a journey to make this gorgeous Christmas tree quilt in traditional colors chosen by Jenny!

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Tis the Season CONTEMPORARY:

Come join us on a journey to make this gorgeous Christmas tree quilt in contemporary colors chosen by Natalie!

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Remember the Batting!

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Sew Along each month with Jenny & Natalie!

Month #1 Tutorial: Rising Star

Follow along with Jenny as you create the background for your tree, filled with twinkling Rising Star blocks. This block is a family favorite because Jenny’s husband, Ron, created it and this smaller version is so cute. When you shoot for the stars with Missouri Star, you’re sure to make it!

Month #2 Tutorial: Twinkling Stars

It’s time to put the twinkling star on the top of your tree. This pretty eight-pointed star comes together easily with simple half-square triangles. It’s the sweetest, cutest block you’ve ever seen! Follow along with Jenny’s easy tutorial and you’ll be seeing stars—in the very best way.

Month #3 Tutorial: Serendipity I & II and 9-Patch

You’re in for a triple treat with three fun blocks to add to your lovely tree. Serendipity I and II are two blocks that work together beautifully. One is created with scraps from the first. And of course, a traditional 9-patch is always welcome.

Month #4 Tutorial: Tiny Tents and Tangled Geese

You’re more than halfway through the ‘Tis the Season Block of the Month! This month’s blocks are Tiny Tents and Tangled Geese, two Missouri Star favorites. Tiny Tents look like cute little pup tents popping up to say hello and Tangled Geese is a surprising block that creates a swirl of beautiful flying geese.

Month #5 Tutorial: Pinwheel and Susannah

As you’ve been working down the tree, creating it block by block, you’ve also been building your skills and by now you’ve learned a lot! Pinwheel and Susannah are two blocks that begin simply and look spectacular when you’re finished.

Month #6 Tutorial: Spool

It’s time to add that cute little spool block to the bottom of your tree. It’s the perfect finishing touch! Then, as you assemble all your blocks you created in previous months, your beautiful patchwork tree will come to life. Get ready to be amazed!

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